Peace of mind for you
and your business

You are probably reading this page because you have been running your business for some time now and have started thinking about its future direction. It might be that you want to continue working for a number of years, but with a reduced level of responsibility. Alternatively, you might be considering retiring and are looking at the different options for selling your business.

Have you ever considered the prospect of joining another Financial Planning/Adviser firm that can perform the day to day tasks of running your business, as well as giving you the option of a flexible retirement strategy when you decide to phase-down?

At Wealth Generation we fully appreciate the multitude of responsibilities that come with running a Financial Planning/Adviser firm, as well as needing to stay on top of constant changes to regulation and compliance. We are experts in these areas and our aim would be to relieve you of these time-consuming obligations, therefore allowing you to focus on the parts of the role that you enjoy the most, whilst still maintaining a level of control.

We can also assist you and your business in the below areas, as well as many others, in order to simplify your daily tasks:

• Compliance & Regulation
• Centralised Investment & Retirement Proposition
• Enhanced Client Experience
• Income Reconciliation & Accounting
• Administration, Advertising & Marketing
• Providing Lifestyle Financial Planning
• Inhouse specialist Mortgage & Protection Advice

You can be rest assured that if you are considering retirement now, in a few years’ time, or much further down the line, then we can provide you with a flexible retirement opportunity. What we mean by this is that we will work together to put a bespoke plan in place that will give you the freedom to continue working for the agreed timeframe, whilst also giving you the peace of mind that you will be fairly remunerated and that your clients will be looked after when you phase-down.

Hopefully this page gives you an insight into how Wealth Generation could assist you and your business going forward. If you would like to have an honest, open, and confidential conversation with us about this opportunity, please contact us below.

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