Get the most out of
your business

Having worked with a number of business owners over the years, we know the value that we can bring to businesses like yours through the proper use of financial planning. With that in mind, have you ever asked yourself these questions:

• Am I structuring the Income from my business in the most tax efficient way?
• What is the best way to plan for my retirement with the money earned from my business?
• Am I maximising the amount of money I pay into my Pension to take advantage of the tax incentives?
• What is going to be the best way to sell/exit my business and what should I do with the proceeds from it?
• What investment options are available to me with the excess capital I have sitting in my company bank account earning no or little interest?
• What should I be doing to reduce my Inheritance Tax liability due to the value of my business and assets?
• What would happen to my business in the event of death or serious illness to myself, a Key Employee or fellow Director/Partner and how can I protect against these risks?

Whether you have thought about these types of questions before or not, we have provided assistance to a range of different business owners in relation to them. We want you and your business to be successful and therefore understand the things we can do to support and assist you in your business and life journey.

If you are interested in exploring how Wealth Generation can partner with you and your business, please contact us below.

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